Welcome one and all! I am an active dungeons and dragons player and dungeon master. I made this blog to share some of the best ideas, experiences, and tips I have about D&D. I play D&D to win, that’s why my blog is titled “Screw the Fluff, What’s the Buff?”. When I come to a table as a dm I have th best thought out adventure I could muster in front of me and we’ll have a great night of puzzles and goblin bashing ahead of us. When I have a character sheet in front of me my party companions know I spent at least an hour per level thinking it all out. I’m the first person my group turns to for rules disputes and I’m proud of that. Whenever possible I try to role-play within the game rules so as to save the dm, often times myself, some trouble. I love coming up with quirky characters that have an interesting aspect for me to play with.

I hope you enjoy anything you find here!
And remember,
Screw the fluff, what’s the buff