Welcome one and all to Screw the Fluff; What’s the Buff?

Welcome one and all! My name is Nick and this is my brand-spanking-new dungeons and dragons themed blog! I’m rather new to the blogging sphere, but I am looking forward to learning all the ins and outs. To start my maiden voyage into the Internet I thought I’d post the story of how I came to love the game of D&D.

I am not one of those seasoned players that’s been playing since the gods know when, in fact I only truly got into D&D last year. I first heard about, and was intrigued by, D&D when I was about 13 years old. A friend of mine and I got some 3.5 edition books and played two characters through level 12 during the summer; but once the summer was over and high school was there we no longer had time to play and the game slowly faded into obscurity. But last year I quested for something to get me through the long uneventful days and I remembered the joy I experienced when rolling dice, splitting skulls, and solving puzzles. I organized a group of absolutely amazing people, the friend I first played with included, and I bought the core rule books with my course set on dming for the first time. I never looked back.
I didn’t know if I was ready to dm at the time, but two of my party that are seasoned players from the gods know when have been extraordinarily complementary of my efforts. I have since played in other campaigns aswell as run my home one and feel I have a good amount of experience under my belt.

That’s enough personal history for one night I suppose. Now on to what I plan to bring to this blog. Firstly, I will be posting encounters, characters, and other things I think up and/or find for other people to find. Secondly, I will try a post experiences from my own playing tables as they occurred at the table with comments on what could have gone smoother and what was absolutely w00ttastic. Thirdly, I will post, with picture references, all the craft projects for props I find useful and have tested at my own table. I hope you all have enjoyed this and are as exited for whats to come as I am.

Until next time,
Screw the fluff, what’s the buff!?